Snow doesn’t slow Madison down. Sure, it may pile up on University Ave and the only clear sidewalks are those with overhangs overhead, but it keeps running. The scene here supports that with shows immediately after Christmas, a New Years that attracted top talent from the Midwest, and now is reemerging from this temporary “hibernation” in top form with two new releases from two of our top talents.

Mr. Physix just revealed his latest, “Soldier of Luchini” mashing Camp Lo‘s “Luchini” with Rusko‘s “Solder On Remix (The Temper Trap)”. It starts off unassuming, long enough to get you to recognize the track before it’s hook latches onto you over Camp Lo. That mash just works perfect for shaking any remains of the workweek off you to start off a long weekend.

The last few months saw Radish cause a flurry in Madtown, both for his energy on stage with F.Stokes but also for his dubstep sets and mixes. Up till Sunday, the only place you could see it was past the doorman and coat check. That’s now changed. He cuts in Cee-Lo‘s “Fuck You” before plunging deeper than an empty gravel pit. From then on out, he’s got your focus. If you even dare think about moving away, he’ll subversively lock you with “Eleanor Rigby”. About the mix, Radish notes that it’s to “show people what my take on good music is. the mix was just a free style I didnt pre plan any tracks but the first one. i like it as my first demo/mix. it’s a good starting point.”

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