Norwegian electronic musician Lindstrøm is back with his second studio album Six Cups of Rebel.  This time, the album has 7 tracks- more than twice the number of the 3 in his first album Where You Go I Go Too. However, Six Cups of Rebel is a huge departure from Where You Go I Go Too as well as his previous collaborations with Prins Thomas and Christabelle.

The album kicks off with “No Release”, which has the space disco sound that Lindstrøm is known for. “De Javu” a funky number remeniscent of 70s disco fit for the dancefloor and almost segues seamlessly into the next track “Magik”, which also retains the same dancefloor friendly vibe. If you weren’t paying attention, this would sound very much like a DJ set.

“Quiet Place to Live” breaks away from the funk of the previous tracks and begins with a intro of a guitar riff and gets a bit repetitive until the spacey synths kick in at about 3 minutes into the song. “All I want is a quiet place to live” is just being repeated over and over and over.

From the fifth track,”Call Me Anytime”, onward, the album takes a darker and more atmospheric direction.  There is a lot, perhaps too much, going on in that track and it brings to mind a noisy haunted circus or a broken record which wasn’t what I was expecting.

Title track “Six Cups of Rebel” is a call and response number that makes for a rather thrilling listen with its syncopated drum beats in the beginning, strange and creepy sinister voices of laughter in the last minute, and sounds like it would fit right in with the soundtrack of a horror film from the 80s.

Lindstrøm probably wants to introduce some variety into an album that mostly consists of tracks that are more than 5 minutes long but overall, it doesn’t sound very cohesive. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, there is just too much going on from the fifth track onward, and perhaps he is rebelling against any preconceived notions or expectations of what he’s capable of, prior to listening to this album.

Rating: 5.0/10

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