CAVE (Chicago, IL)
April 21st, 2012
The Empty Bottle in Chicago, IL

Saturday was a busy day for anyone who likes music. Saturday was Record Store Day; the yearly appreciation for vinyl; rare, new, and re-released. Also   a day to promote and support local record store around the world. Chicago’s CAVE closed a busy day at The Empty Bottle, which started with the Numero Group selling records during the day. CAVE, a psychedelic drone band that originally formed in Columbia, MO in 2006, now calls Chicago home. The special free to RSVP show was packed, and the RSVP list closed. Many concert go-ers didn’t mind they missed the RSVP, they shelled out the $8 cover for the band.

Starting shortly after 12:15am, CAVE played for  about an hour. The at times bass heavy drone music had fans moving to each of their own different drums. Some fans quietly enjoyed the music by simply standing and swaying, in a hypnotic trance. Others completely let the music move them, literally. There were many fans in front who were covered in sweat after each song. Drawing a crowd of younger and older, it’s apparent that CAVE has a solid fan base. The band played non-stop, weaving in and out of songs. The seamless effort and ultimate concentration of this band stands out the most in their live performance. You can find CAVE’s latest LP, Neverendless available on Drag City now.

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