Author: John

Sorry, Midwest geekout for a second. Especially in Texas, anytime you meet someone from the Midwest you’re like, “Oh! You’re my people!” As days go by, that’s what happens at SXSW. You start running into people either you know or from your town or city. It just happens. First night, for i

Alas, SXSW was only a few short weeks ago. Upon returning to Madison, life decided to unleash a torrent of everything that’s delayed some of the content coming to you all. Regardless, it begins today with an interview with Chris Glover, aka Penguin Prison. At first fleeting listen, he could be ro

New York City/Chicago’s L’Altra returns after six years with their upcoming album, Telepathic. If you’re down in Austin at SXSW, be sure to check out their performance Wednesday night at 1AM at the Hideout Theatre. We had a chance to speak with Joseph Desler Costa. You just came back from Jap