Apple‘s new service, MobileMe, debuted recently. While many features are compelling to different users, especially used in conjunction with an iPhone 3G or iPod Touch, one feature request just sprang to mind.

Personally I’m hesitant to purchase an iPhone until it matches or surpasses the 32GB point. The proverbial brick wall is using it also as an iPod. My music collection makes the 16GB iPhone (even the 32GB iPod Touch) improbable due to the storage constraint; it is just too small. Until the iPhone surpasses 32 GB or more will I seriously consider buying it. (I’d say I can survive with my 20 GB iPod-but, alas, it no longer is with this world after 5 years.)

Mossberg gave MobileMe a less than stunning review the other day, but was promising over its future. Thinking about the service, which pushes data like email, contacts, bookmarks, made me consider a solution. Why can’t the product (iPhone) and service (iTunes or MobileMe) be combined to provide iTunes library streaming from your computer to iPhone/iPod? It’s already done between computers on a network. Remember back when you could log in on campus and see 20+ libraries available?

Let’s give an example. You are in one state and your music library is in another. All you have is the iPhone and what it can hold. Seeing how you can stream iTunes libraries through a network, how about remote access to iTunes via iPod Touch/iPhone? Surely a connection can be made as long as the computer is either on/asleep somehow. It removes the capacity restraint, allows me to access my entire library whenever and wherever. Streaming music can’t be done? Pandora is doing just that through its Pandora Radio application.

Remove that music storage constraint and the likelihood I’ll wait in line for an iPhone 3G increases faster than Apple’s stock price did. (And load it with movies/photos/apps too.)


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