Tops of 2009 / La Fin de l’Année

For my top albums/EPs of 2009, as well as the top 5 shows of the year take that high-speed connection towards Radio Free Chicago. For all other matters, stick around! I’ll share one more (non-exhaustive) list after this digression.

I believe I won’t be the only person wishing 2009 into the past, and hoping it stays that way (unless it’s brought back by a phone booth). No knocking the music this year, which branched out there and was brilliant quality, it’s that the year seemed bogged down by the recession. Nevertheless, we were treated to wonderful, free music to take us through it, especially from Del da Funky Homosapien. I was fortunate enough to take my musical journeys across the pond to meet truly smashing people and frequent numerous Parisian venues. I find myself extremely fortunate to have spent time here, affirming truths later discovered in killing time with literature.

“It is no accident that propels people like us to Paris. Paris is simply an artificial stage, a revolving stage that permits the spectator to glimpse all phases of the conflict. Of itself Paris initiates no dramas. They are begun elsewhere. Paris is simply an obstetrical instrument that tears the living embryo from the womb and puts it in the incubator. … Everyone has lived here some time or other. …” – Henry Miller

“You got very hungry when you did not eat enough in Paris because all the bakery shops had such good things in the windows and people ate outside at tables on the sidewalk so that you saw and smelled the food.” – Ernest Hemingway

Paris leaves you rich and poor. Those fortunate moments came through writing on artists and French musicians, providing you and others with snapshots into a world away. In reality, ticket prices are more expensive than in Chicago with average prices running between 21-25€ or $26-30 a pop. Restaurants are a similar luxury to which I learned a previous lesson and indulged more than in 2007, while I became a sous-chef with rice and pasta in those classic tiny European apartments. Will I do it again? Yes, with 2011 as my goal.

“I can’t take it! For the past 10 minutes, walking through the heart of Paris to class, I heard nothing but English!” – A Melbourne Friend, once Paris hit “Tourist Season”, or April 1st

“You know what’s weird? I just realized something.” ‘What’d you realize?’ “That I’m pissed if I show up on the platform and the next train is in 5 minutes. In Chicago, it’s normal to wait at least 10 or 15 minutes. What’s happening to me!?” – Waiting for the metro at 1:30 in the morning

Top 2008 songs I wish came out in 2009 to make it into this year’s lists

Alexandre Kinn – Glisse

Cage the Elephant – In One Ear

Coeur de Pirate – Comme des Enfants

Dead Confederate – The Rat

Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over

Nneka – Heartbeat

Pascale Picard – Gate 22

You, You’re Awesome – Two Muffins

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Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

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