Friday, October 15th at 9 PM for $5
Majestic Theater, 115 King Street, Madison, Wisconsin

F.Stokes with Action Hero
Ice Mantis
Stink Tank
DJ Vinnie Toma and Radish

F.Stokes, a Chicago native, is returning to Madison where, years ago, the city gave him a strong following and passion he later took with him to New York. In the Big Apple, he worked promotions and marketing for G-Unit Records and Def Jam; including contributing to international marketing of The Black Album. He’s returning this Friday for a hip-hop showcase of Madison’s hip-hop talent. Just prior, Stokes was gracious enough to field a few questions about music and his travels. This Friday, $5 brings you hip-hop focused more on community and family than temporary goods and commodities.

You’ve been everywhere; Madison, Chicago, and Brooklyn. I read lately that you spent time in Paris this year. What brought you to Europe and what did you think?

yes, yes. since a kid i’ve always wanted to travel and interact with different communities, globally. music has served as the ultimate platform for me to see the world. music brought me to europe; i’ve never put limitations on the demographics in which my words touch, so traveling to europe was a natural progression. in the states we can be a bit cynical in regards to how we embrace worldly entertainment, but in europe there’s a bit more freedom, partly due to the fact you can fly 30 minutes and be in another country…i will continue to exercise my ambition to be more culturally explorative by touring abroad. europe, as all of my travels, was amazing.

Was there anything you brought back creatively, or that changed your perspective in a way?

of course, touring always adds perspective, education, and understanding. i bring back wisdom, and stories, as well as word play; a lot of artist overseas approach music differently in terms of how they arrange songs, so i dig the differe

nt creative methods they use – amongst other things.

Death of a Handsome Bride came out with production from Minneapolis’ Lazerbreak. Care to share how that collaboration came about? What was it like working with him?

lazerbeak is my brother. we met while the both of us was working on p.o.s. ‘never better’ album in chicago. immediately me and lazerbeak hit it off and the exchange of music soon followed. lazerbeak, in many ways saved my life; at the time i met lazerbeak i was fighting this horrible bout with depression, and his tracks gave me inspiration and hope. lazerbeaks a genius, so his music always challenge me to bring my absolute best.

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Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

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