I was not sure what to expect when I entered the bar Quenchers, where I entered to see four jovial men setting up for their show. While anticipating the interview (before which I was terribly nervous), I had to identify each member of Archie Powell and the Exports, by their mustaches (pictured above). So you can imagine my disappointment when I approached a few bearded men. But the disappointment quickly dissolved when I introduced myself to Archie, RJ, Adam and Ryan. So while acquainting myself with these men we all noshed on barbecue drenched popcorn and guzzled down some delicious wheat ale; and so began our discussion

Before the interview, I asked we all have a “safe” word, and that word was chosen by the band, collectively: Tippy Toe…

1. First question… Most important, is, why?

Archie: ‘cuz…

2. Favorite/least favorite cheese? (For the cheese-enthusiast)

Archie: Feta, and least favorite ‘bush league’ mild cheddar. (Archie Makes a blue cheese Butter Special)

3. Robots or Dinosaurs?

Archie: Dinosaurs

Adam: Dinosaurs

Ryan: Dinosaurs

RJ: Robots; Because Robots can make their own dinosaurs

4. Strangest venue or gig you’ve ever played?

All: Court Tavern; A crowd of drunk Lawyers in New Brunswick, NJ. A bunch of drunk lawyers from down south kept asking me (Archie) if I would sing a song about Mississippi, and I did for ten dollars, or if they would buy our album. It ended up being a great dance party.

5. How did you begin your career as and who were your influences?

Archie: I was graduating school, every one was moving; I called up Adam and Ryan, who I had known and played with before the move to Chicago. We found RJ on craigslist. We call him Craigers. A lot of hazing was involved, a gauntlet actually, but eventually we put out our EP in June of ’09, Loose Change

RJ: We actually met at this bar, at this very table almost one year ago. (Nostalgic Moment)

6. What are you guys listening to now?

All: Glittermouse and The Mutts

7. What are a few items essential to your “tour survival kit”?

RJ: Body Pillow

All: Beef Jerky and pack naps, watching Love Actually.

8. Any stories from your excursions on the road?

RJ: Archie peed in a Gatorade bottle, and I ALMOST drank it.

9. What is the worst advice you’ve ever been given?

Archie: Go to college

Ryan: Tippy toe

Adam: Coozies

10. If you were to communicate using one word what would it be?


11. Can you dance? If not any hidden talents?

All: CAN WE DANCE? (Followed by each of the guys demonstrating their moves.)

12. Do you guys go green? If not do you go another color?

Archie: Fuchsia

Adam: Red

RJ: Blue

Ryan: Red/span>

13. What can we expect from the band in the future:

All: More, much, much more. And a music video is in the works. 

14. You have a slogan on your van- “laughter is God’s Sunshine”, so what is God’s Raincloud?

Tears because SNOW- Snow is God’s Dandruff … Tippy Toe!

Below is a track from their latest album Skip Work

The Darndest Things

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