Musicians talking musicians! Mezzic welcomes Brooklyn/Milwaukee’s Pezzettino, a wonderful multi-instrumentalist / accordionist extraordinaire who’s album Lub Dub just went limited edition clear yellow vinyl! Don’t believe us? There’s the picture proof! You can purchase it here.

“Last night I had the good fortune of seeing the Jefferson Friedman’s work and the Chiara Quartet perform for free at the Ecstatic Music Festival. It was a 7 hour presentation, and I think they assumed people would come and out through the day, but I took it like a challenge to expose myself to as much free and curated music as possible. Like all things, there were high and low points, but I was ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY by Jefferson Friedman and the Chiara Quartet, even with the sensory overload and fatigue. Hairs on end– this shit is INTENSE and will make your mind twitch in glorious ways:

I’ve also been really interested in Ben Frost‘s work lately, it messes with your head a little, I especially like the production work on atmosphere:

Happy listening!!”

Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

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