Bachelorette (New Zealand)
March 29th
The Vic Theatre, in Chicago, IL

Annabel Alpers, also known as Bachelorette, is a solo performer who found herself far away from her native homeland of New Zealand Monday night. Chicago was treated to this pint-sized, red-haired darling in an early show at The Vic Theatre. Bachelorette is currently on tour opening for The Magnetic Fields. Don’t let the fact that she is an opener fool you. Bachelorette is a veteran in the music industry, with 3 studio albums, 1 EP, and a 7” under her belt. This psychedelic multi-instrumentalist and vocalist wowed the crowd Monday.

Bachelorette played many older songs, including “Instructions For Insomniacs”, “Rotating Head”, and others from her earlier album, My Electric Family. Her dreamy synth pop tunes such as “Sugarbug” off her latest self-titled album, mesmerized the crowd. With graphics whirring, swirling, and palpitating behind her, it was hard to not be hypnotized. Ending the set with the upbeat songs “Blanket”, and “Not Entertainment”, it’s certain that Bachelorette won more than a few new fans. With her computer, electric guitar, loop, and effects pedals, and her dreamy voice, Bachelorette is sure to woo.

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