Zuzoom (Paris, France) and Nach (Paris, France)
April 10th, 2012
Le 114 in Paris, France

Any bar or venue with a wall made out of cassettes, even though it feels and is probably sponsored by Puma, is good in my book. Better yet, Fender bar stools near the bar (which make me miss my own-the stool and my Strat). Even better, cleverly using equipment cases as tables for your drinks. Bonne idée le 114, a new mark on my map in the Oberkampf neighborhood of Paris. Last night saw Zuzoom share the stage with Nach. Nach ended the evening with a blend that kind of drew to mind a sort of First Aid Kit-type expectation with two girls on the stage, drums and keys. Enjoyable, distinctly in the vein of some French music in how lyrics take precedent over melody. Though they had some great looping going on (completely en vogue right now), better than most groups I’ve seen, encompassing drums, voice, keys and more.

But to be frank, I came to check out Zuzoom for the second time; the last being at Le China in Bastille. This time around, thoroughly had a chance to enjoy the show more so since the venue wasn’t so narrow that, should you arrive late, you weren’t stuck out of sight of the stage. The trio has a fun dynamic that kicked off quieting the crowd and gathering their attention amongst the public, snapping and rounding us up before taking to the stage. Zuzoom effectively is a guitarist, Jules, with two multi-instrumentalists, JuJu and Joro. JuJu takes up the majority of beatboxing duties (yup, meaning Joro beatboxes too), creating an impressive cacophony around Jules’ melodies. Effectively, while their recorded music sounds pop, on the stage they feel seriously like another trio, Dispatch, but without the political undertones or folk roots. It’s as if Brad, Pete, and Chad spent more time listening to ’60s pop than protesting. The guys just unveiled an EP, which I hope will be available Stateside sooner than later. 

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Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

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