Kevin Devine (Brooklyn, NY), The Front Bottoms (New Jersey), Taylor Collins (Long Beach, CA)
March 22nd, 2012
The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, CA

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Watching Kevin Devine play has always been a treat.  I would at this point consider myself a veteran at a Kevin Devine show (haven’t missed a single Southern California show since 2007- NO SHAME).  I am starting to recognize people at these shows, so I know I’m not the only show repeater out there.  Through the years though and the last two specifically I have noticed that the rooms are fuller, the voices from the crowd are getting louder, the merch lines are longer, and Kevin Devine is still the same.  I mean that in the best way possible.  You will still find Kevin Devine at his own merch booth or outside nearby and you can still ask for a photo, a signature, a hug, or a conversation and leave feeling like you haven’t bothered him at all.  On stage he plays with as much passion and as much energy as ever and is still coming out at one point or another to help the support bands -in this case it was The Front Bottoms sing one of their songs.  We can never forget the Goddamn band who have really helped his shows become what they are today.  Even if in between songs while tuning they feel the need to play excerpts of Journey songs.  The show at the Constellation Room was arguably one of the best he’s played in CA.  One of the liveliest in a while for sure.  I am super happy Kevin Devine is finally getting the attention he deserves especially in a live setting because  in this setting especially he is so great.  If you don’t believe me you should see it for yourselves, he is currently out on the road with Say Anything.  Dates are here.


The Longer That I’m Out Here
The First Hit
No Time Flat
Noose Dressed Like A Necklace
Between The Concrete And Clouds
Buried By The Buzz
Time To Burn
A Story, A Sneak
Cotton Crush
I Could Be With Anyone
I Used To Be Someone
New Song
Brooklyn Boy
Brother’s Blood

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