Wild Beasts (Kendal) and Porcelain Raft (Los Angeles)
November 5th, 2016
El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

It’s not Christmas yet but it might as well be.  It feels that way whenever the Wild Beasts hit Los Angeles.  It’s a fucking gift folks.  The guys stopped by the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles with Porcelain Raft and put on the best show I’ve seen from them yet.

Porcelain Raft who is really one Mauro Remidi, started the night off with his minimalistic, yet textured sounds.  Only stopping for a few clever words with those in attendance, and to practice a song a bit before he then actually performed it (and beautifully), the set was seamless.

I’ve seen the Wild Beasts each time they have come to Los Angeles.  Hell, I even flew to the UK to catch them play Smother in its entirety at the ATP fest curated by The National  -yes it was every bit as glorious as you can imagine.  But I had never seen them as they were at the El Rey.  It was like we were watching a different band.  Hayden Thorpe ditched his suit and Tom Fleming was the best I’ve ever seen him.   Ben Little is a man of all trades as he went around from guitar to keys throughout the set. Also, how cool is drummer Chris Talbot?  Bringing in those beats steadily to keep all of us in motion.  And in motion we were -you won’t find anyone standing still at a Wild Beasts show.  The gang was all there too: the “WILD FUCKING BEASTS” guy and all his really cool friends who looked like they were having more fun than I ever have in my whole life, the girl with the really pretty blue dress who is more in love with Tom Fleming than I am, and of course Zoe and company.

Of the highlights from the night, hearing “2BU” played live ranks high for me.  Hearing it on the record is incredible but it doesn’t come close to witnessing it live.  “Tough Guy” and “Alpha Female” were incredible to watch as well, Hayden had everybody hanging on his every note.  Watching him interact with the crowd was almost hypnotizing and when he jumped into the crowd it split right down the middle like it was the fucking Red Sea.  Whenever Tom came over to the edge of the stage we all swooned too.  Plus, he had this incredible guitar that has “fuck the patriarchy” in hot pink and anchored by hearts on it.  What a guy!  All of the songs off of Boy King play incredibly well in a live setting and then throw in all those classics like “All The Kings Men,” “Bed of Nails,” and “Hooting & Howling” in there and it is paradise.  If I could be at a Wild Beasts show every night I would be, if the guys are ever looking for a tour photographer trust me I’ll be the first to sign up.  I say this all the time but if the Wild Beasts are coming to town do yourself a favor and don’t miss them.

Big Cat
We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues
A Simple Beautiful Truth
Bed of Nails
He the Colossus
Hooting & Howling
Lion’s Share
Tough Guy
Alpha Female
Get My Bang
Celestial Creatures
All the King’s Men

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