The Growlers (Dana Point, CA)
March 6th, 2020
Soma in San Diego, CA

With no opening band to offer unnecessary distraction, The Growlers delivered an extensive set that brought the heat in an otherwise dreary coastal Friday evening.  Although the presence of long time band member Kyle Straka was instantaneously noticeable, The Growlers led the audience in a two hour singalong that was simply contagious.

Brooks Nielsen’s charisma is as unsurpassed as his vocals. He seemed to captivate each person in the audience. With minimal small talk to spare -a trait perfectly fitted to The Growlers’ almost stylized and undeniably carefree stage style, the band embarked with the audience on a musical journey that navigated equally through classic and new tunes holding the adoring fans engaged song after song.  I swear at one point you could feel the floor shake under the thousands of dancing feet.

Natural Affair, their sixth and latest studio album, was released just this past October and was received well by critics and fans equally. Tonight’s performance is pure testament not only of how this band has grown throughout their albums, enriching and perfecting their unique reinvention of an almost classic beach rock vibe, but they somehow managed to grow alongside their audience, creating an unbreakable ever-growing bond that comes alive at every show.

Most of the dates on their current our are sold out so in case you haven’t yet, go get your ticket! It will be a wild night!

Someone Jr
Night Ride
Try hard
One Million Lovers
When You Were Made
Too Many Times
Problems III
Dope On A Rope
Feeling Good
Love Test
Derka Blues
Empty Bones
Natural Affair
Social Man
Who Loves The Scum?
Decoy Face
Pavement And The Boot
Vacant Lot
City Club
Chinese Fountain
Humdrum Blues
Shadow Woman
I’ll Be Around
Going Gets Tough

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