Goodbyes are often hard but 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes made it impossible delivering an unforgettable show.

50 Cent (New York, NY) and Busta Rhymes (Brooklyn, NY)
August 31st, 2023
North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, CA

Just a few days before Labor Day, 50 Cent brought his Final Lap tour to San Diego closing out the summer with pure style.

He spared no trick: a stunning stage design, pyro, streamers, hot dancers, guest stars, unbelievable openers, and more pyro -whose heat could be felt throughout the venue. This was indeed the hottest show of the summer, but not because of all the special effects -it was the artists themselves that were on fire.

Busta Rhymes opened the evening for me. I completely underestimated the traffic getting into the venue so I missed out on Jeremih‘s opening set. Busta Rhymes! I had to type his name again because I think I am still incredulous of what I saw. I mean it seems like a gazillion years have passed since I last saw him perform but time has not fazed him. This man seems to have survived the test of time as he has only gotten better with age, delivering an amazing set that just blew me away. He owned the crowd before entering the stage, a neon sign that read Busta Rhymes was all the crowd needed to get started.

Through a cloud of thick fog he appeared center stage regally seated on a throne -simply stoic, taking in all the screams, cheers, and shouts. He brought down the house before even starting his set. The ultimate testament to his amazing legacy, not to mention time has not slowed him down at all. He was fierce, as fast and as sharp as ever.

Busta stated, “we don’t have any special effects because we ARE the special effects” and man was he special! He navigated through his catalogue engaging the entire crowd with hits like “Break Ya Neck,” “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,” “Touch It,” and “I Know What You Want.” As homage to the West Coast, he brought on stage special guest Xzibit to perform a medley of Dr. Dre songs which included of course his full verse on “What’s the Difference.” He closed his set in full force with, “Pass The Courvoisier” leaving everyone wanting more.

By the time it was 50 Cent’s turn to take stage everyone was more than hyped and ready to party. Nobody can get a evening started like Busta Rhymes and noone can finish it quite like 50 Cent.

Through the roars of an eager sold out amphitheater, he emerged from a rotating door center stage. Behind him an elaborate ever changing stage design that brought us all to Jamaica Ave in Queens, highlighting the warm and gritty unique beauty of the city. An intricate stage that heightened every song but never distracted from the true star of the night. The Final Lap tour celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release of his multi-platinum debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ but felt more like a celebration of his entire career. He guided fans through a musical extravaganza of hits that never allowed a single dull moment to creep in. Alongside him were Uncle Murda and Tony Yayo who further hyped the crowd song after song, “What Up Gangsta,” “Candy Shop,” “Window Shopper,” “P.I.M.P.,” “Magic Stick,” “21 Questions” were some of the ones included. Jeremih reappeared on stage during 50 Cent’s set to beautifully perform “Down On Me” on piano which gave everyone’s voice a little down time as the crowd silently enjoyed the delicacy of the song and the dancer that accompanied his piano. The high energy resumed for the following songs and the evening concluded with a full explosion of golden streamers with “In Da Club.”

What a night! I certainly hope the Final Lap tour is not his final show because this was definitely the best show of the summer.

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