Brendan is a Pennsylvania native currently in New York City. He was kind enough to lend us a review of last night’s show at Subterranean in Chicago, which served as the official launch of GigMaven in the city. GigMaven seeks to ease the process of booking shows for local bands with venues. (Photos care of Brendan, audience and Old Style participation care of John and Katia)

GigMaven got a great welcome from in Chicago last night at Wicker Park’s independent music staple, the checker-floored, triple-decker Subterranean. Thanks to the great folks at Heave Media. Tunes came from GigMaven veteran artists and folks new to the community, Wolf in a Spacesuit, Dozens, Loneliest Monk and Netherfriends. Beer came in part from Jason and the kind folks at Old Style, and good times followed.

Algebra Huxley, pictured above, improvised a solo set. At last minute, Arthur Aircraft, the other half of Wolf in a Spacesuit, broke his hand. He showed off his guitar skills and an incredible tenor voice, along with some expertly produced beats from his mac.
Dozens were a surprise favorite, playing the tracks from their new EP. Kyle Mann and Vincent Naples each switched off between guitar, synth and keys, while John Norman played some of the fastest 16th notes on the hi-hat in Chicago.

Much of the buzz in the crowd last night was about Loneliest Monk, or “Monk” as the duo is sometimes affectionately called. Miles Benjamin and Michelle Morales definitely deserve it. Michelle’s trailblazing cello techniques ranged from delicate pizz to artful loops, to bone-rattling doom-bringing fuzz.

Netherfriends, ie Shawn Rosenblatt, played a very high energy trio set to an adoring hometown crowd. The show served as a goodbye to Chi-town as Netherfriends is about to embark on a tour, recording a song in every state in the U S of A.

Additional photos (John):

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Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

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