Traveling takes us out of our shells, isolating individuals from the habitual and therefore boredom through newfound discoveries. Mezzic shares this sentiment through meandering amidst music genres.

Ratings: The ratings are separate from the write-ups. They skew upward in the sense a 5/10 is not 50% or an F contrary to what primary school taught; it corresponds with Good. For example, 6.5? Very good. Buyable, depends on the person. Above 8, highly recommended and you should probably give it a listen or buy. Above 9, just buy it.

Music Submissions: Mezzic does accept music submissions for review, concert coverage, or interview consideration. Head on over here to get rolling. We do get a lot of requests and all of us work or study or [insert anything else that allows us to do this on the side-aka pays the rent and puts food on our tables], so please don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear a response. We spread word on whoever comes in among our contributors in case someone is available and would like to check your music out. The more info you give us about you in the email (links to your Soundcloud/Bandcamp/press kit/Facebook/Twitter), the best.

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