Interview: Thousand Foot Krutch (Peterborough, Ontario)

Canadian hard rock veterans Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK) have been keeping very busy recently.  On April 17th, they will release The End is Where We Begin, their 6th major LP release and their first since leaving Tooth and Nail Records as an independent band.  First single “Let the Sparks Fly” is beginning to impact Active Rock radio, and TFK is currently serving as the direct support on the REDvolution tour featuring RED, TFK, Manafest, Nine Lashes and Kiros.  Recently, lead vocalist Trevor McNevan took some time to answer some questions via email from Mezzic contributor Ryan Getz.  Read on for what Trevor had to say about touring, the changing industry, and the band’s philosophy:

In the past couple of years, TFK’s touring plans have in some ways been skewed toward faith-based events – was this by choice? If given the opportunity, would the band prefer to play on more general market tours? How do you approach this dilemma?

We’ve always toured both markets and made music for everybody. Our faith is our lifestyle, it’s who we are, so that doesn’t change from venue to venue.  In music, they’ve separated that into two separate markets, and we love and embrace both.

If you had to sum up the purpose of TFK into one mission statement, what would you write?

We want to make great music that connects people, and impacts change in positive ways; while being honest, and unapologetic for who we are.

My first exposure to you guys was hearing “Bounce” on the X2003 compilation record – at what point did the fact that you were reaching large numbers of people begin to sink in?

I think early on it was the point at which the line outside the club went past where we parked our van.  We started playing for five people or less, so it’s always exciting to see things grow.  There are nights when I can’t hear myself sing because they’re singing so loud!  It’s incredible and very humbling.

Which do you prefer: festivals, a club, or a conference?

I love ‘em all!  Seriously, there’s such a refreshing dynamic to each of them.  In a club, you can reach out and touch someone, you feel the sweat fly, and the heat radiate from the crowd, there’s an energy there you can’t get at an arena.  But, the same goes for an arena, or conference, the dynamic is so different, you feel more like a conductor at a symphony. You can’t see the audiences faces, but you feel them.

Right now TFK is on tour supporting RED – Give one highlight from that tour, and are there any headlining plans on the horizon to support The End is Where We Begin?

The highlight is definitely getting to introduce songs from the new record for the first time live. It’s been crazy! There a lot of fests/tours being planned for the new album, and we’ll be headlining in their (sic) again as well!

You probably get approached with questions about your status as a faith-based (Christian) group a lot.  Recently, I came upon this quote: “There are two types of bands: those that make music that people want to hear, and those that make what people need to hear” – I almost prefer this statement.  Which are you? Other comments on this statement?

I’d hope we can accomplish both, or we’re not doing our job!  Our faith is our life, and our life pours into our music, but we’re as submersed with making sure it’s a great song!  Our goal is definitely to combine the two.  Shouldn’t that be every bands goal?

The music industry is rapidly evolving – what do you see as the biggest need? How about the most positive thing happening? How have those things impacted TFK?

Artists need to be more careful than ever about who they’re partnering with. The music industry is trying hard to remodel itself, so you need to make sure you partner with people passionate about what YOU do. That are willing to fight for it (like you do), so you won’t end up being treated like numbers on a sheet.  I think the major change we’ve seen in the industry these past five years has been a good thing. Sure, it’s harder to sell records now because people can steal them, and there’s more competition than ever, but that should push us to sharpen what we do, not push us away. It’s all how you look at it, like most things in life. Get creative.

Thank you for your time! Any last comments for Mezzic readers?

Thank you so much for your support — we love you guys, and hope to see you soon on the road!

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