Photography: Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen Dedication Ceremony (St. Paul)

No Bird Sing (Minneapolis, MN), DJ Abilities (Minneapolis, MN), Sage Francis(Providence, RI), Kristoff Krane (Minneapolis, MN), Carnage the Executioner(Minneapolis, MN), Sadistik (Seattle, WA), 2Mex (Los Angeles, CA), Unknown Prophets (Twin Cities, MN), Desdamona (Mount Pleasant, IA), Educated Consumers (Washington, DC), Battlecats (Twin Cities, MN)
October 15th, 2011
Cherokee Park in St. Paul, Minnesota

Gallery: Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen Dedication Ceremony

“Micheal was on a mission to save the world.” This was a statement from James, Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen’s Godfather. From every person who took the mic and had something to say about Micheal, this rang true.

Next to the picnic table.

On the one year anniversary of the untimely passing of Eyedea, the hip-hop community of the Twin Cities and beyond came together to honor the memory, and dedicate a park bench and picnic table in Cherokee Park.

The first speaker of the day was Mayor of St Paul: Chris Coleman, followed by a family inclusive set by Unknown Prophets.

One half of Unknown Prophets, rapping to his son.

Shortly after, Micheal’s Grandmother read from a poetry book she put together accompanied by several of Micheal’s quotes, Austin Dufault (Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream), Brother Ali, family friends and every performer had so much to say about how ML touched their life, and outlook. “He helped show people what the human potential is.”, “[Micheal] had the perfect understanding of the human condition”.

The day was MC’d by friend and vocal coach Mishishu and Glo Pesci, while Kristoff Krane had his hands in many of the sets and helped coordinate the huge, four part freestyle extravaganza that brought the incredible day of music to a close. Kathy (Micheal’s mother) came out on stage and spoke to the masses, surrounded by friends and family.

It was a perfect fall day; weather wise; and community wise. I am saddened by the fact that I never met Micheal Larsen, but I feel fortunate that I know so many that have been touched by his time on this earth.

Kristoff Krane joins No Bird Sing
DJ Abilities with the Battlecats
Micheal Larsen’s mother Kathy, closing the day with a speech and candle lighting.

Micheal Larsen’s mother Kathy, closing the day with a speech and candle lighting.

Sage Francis

Kill The Vultures

Kristoff Krane

Carnage blew my mind with his amazing beat box skills and song building

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