Photos + Review: No Interest and on @ The Bancroft Bar (San Diego, CA)

No Interest (San Diego, CA) and On (Toronto, Canada)
February 14th, 2023
The Bancroft Bar in Spring Valley, CA

I am happy to announce that Rock music did not die in the 90’s after all!

If the overwhelming abundance of melancholic whisper-like music of this apparently very “Emo-Chic” decade has led you to believe that raging rock, with its head-numbing drum beats, soul scratching guitar riffs, and haunting bass lines is a thing of the past …think again!

Granted you may need to look beyond large arenas or trendy music venues on Main Street. Perhaps take a little detour to your back alley dive bar, which if it is anything like the one I visited last night, it just might surprise you.

Please don’t get me wrong! As a photographer, I would never complain about spacious photo pits, perfectly raised stages, and breathtaking stage lights. But as a fan, I believe that sometimes the best way to enjoy music at its purest form is to simply witness it stripped of any adornment and surrounding distractions. In these cases, the bands have no crutches, nothing they can use to mask any mistakes or mishaps, nothing that can cover up a boring tune. This is when you truly see if the band has what it takes to fully grab your attention for an entire set. Both bands tonight certainly did.

The evening started off with No Interest, a local San Diego band that delivered a full bodied sound that echoed perfectly through the small room. They took to the stage and were immediately loose and at ease, joking between songs. While the lead singer introduced most of their songs as being about depression, their drummer masterfully pounded any sorrow right out of your skull. The raw power vocals of the lead singer were matched by his ability to lose himself completely in his music. His energy growing alongside powerful guitar riffs and deep rooted bass lines that kept you on point. These guys fully embody what rock music should be – comfortably raw, unfiltered, and unapologetic.

I would have liked to hear more from them and luckily they are a local band. I am sure I will get another chance to do just that. They will be playing on Feb 18th, 2023 at Fast Times in Clairemont.

Toronto rockers, On then took the stage next. They offered a more mature and seasoned sound that vibrated from elegantly layered guitar riffs and relentless drum beats that perfectly balanced out the emotional and scratchy vocals of the lead singer leaving you longing for more.

A girl on bass…that is always a plus in my book! While On might be a female fronted band, all three members equally play their part enriching the sound of each the songs. Short of a brief introduction given by Lucy DiSanto, they hit the stage and just effortlessly navigated through their set. One minor setback being the drum mic getting accidentally kicked -oh the joys of small stages.

As it was the first night of the tour, their stage presence felt a little timid at times but their robust sound made up for it. Each instrument playing off of each other, creating a decadent sound that rippled through the room. I would really like to see them again further down in their tour.

Please watch their new video, “Break You” and keep up with their tour dates here.

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