Taylor Swift (Reading, PA) and Vance Joy (Melbourne, Australia)
September 11th, 2015
Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, MN

Christmas light-accented signs and outfits filled the Xcel Energy Center on night one of three very sold out Taylor Swift shows.

Swifties; dressed in their most elaborate Taylor Swift costumes; arrived in small groups, touting their light up “1989” cardboard signs. I cannot say I have been to another concert where fan involvement and excitement has been so high outside of Madonna.

Victor Ray held the opening slot for the tour. His Aussie accent and appreciation of our Fall-like weather could almost be considered cheating when working a Minnesota crowd.

Taylor Swift was the reason that everyone there (unless they drove the person that wanted to be there for Swift like the awesome grandmother I stood by during the two song shoot). The house lights dropped, and so did the massive “1989” boombox curtain that shielded the first of many stage setups.

She emerged from under the stage, behind about 10 dancers, and we were off and running. Far from her country roots, her band was split to either side of the stage and there was no question that she is full-on Pop. Massive production, huge light show, and a ton of Billboard Top 100 and #1 hit songs were performed back to back to back.

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