Se So Neon (Seoul, South Korea)
September 18th, 2023
Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA

One of the best things about Los Angeles is that on any given day of the week you can find something going on.  We love an activity and there’s literally always something to do.  It’s not uncommon to walk around and just see people waiting in line.  The line I encountered on this particular Monday started at the Hollywood Palladium and wrapped around Amoeba Music – while making it’s way back to the venue.  The line practically reached The Fonda Theatre you guys!  For those that aren’t local, I promise you the line was huge.  A couple walked up to some of the folks waiting in line and asked “who are you guys seeing tonight?” “Se So Neon,” they answered.  

Se So Neon is an indie rock band from Seoul, South Korea and they are very very good.  The band was originally set to play The Belasco but the show was moved to the Hollywood Palladium due to high demand.  Although minimalist in their setup, their performance and delivery are anything but.  The band kicked their night off with “joke!” and immediately the crowd was under frontwoman So!YoON!’s beck and call. “I don’t wanna kill you,” she crooned and the crowd immediately filled in “but one, two, three I’m gonna shoot!”  

The moment she, bassist Hyunjin, and their drummer hit the stage the crowd was under their immediate spell.  They had the crowd entranced the whole night singing along both in English and Korean.  I‘ve always found it fascinating how music can be universally adored regardless of language.   But honestly, with a catalog like Se So Neon’s, I’m not really surprised.  The range is quite large.  I mean, the emotions that So!YoON! can evoke with just her voice and guitar alone can make you feel like you’re gently sinking in a daydream but then Hyunjin’s bass and the drums keep you afloat and steady.  They keep a perfect balance.  The setlist was excellently curated as well.  I’m so glad I got to hear “NAN CHUN,” sway along to “Dong” and “Go Back,” and jump around to “Midnight Train.”  We were treated to “Athena” which is actually one of So!YoON!’s solo songs and it was hella smooth!  Also, you cannot tell me that “A Long Dream” is not a perfect song.  After listening to Se So Neon play it live I felt like anything was possible.  Love is real!  Good things happen!  I think this was the highlight of the show for me.    

It’s weird quantifying music in terms of “best” but Se So Neon’s music really is some of the best music I’ve heard.  Everything Se So Neon puts out ranges from really good to fucking great.  Seriously spend some time checking them out, you’re in for a phenomenal treat.  I’ll even make you a playlist, @ me. 

**P.S. I have to tell you that my camera did unfortunately stop working right before the show started.  These photos were taken with the point and shoot I carry daily in my bag.  Please excuse the quality.**

Go Back
Summer Plumage
New Song or KKJ 
Athena (a So!YoON! solo song)
The Wave
New Song
Midnight Train
A Long Dream

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