Photos + Review: System Of A Down @ Viejas Arena (San Diego, CA)

System of A Down (Glendale, CA) and Korn (Bakersfield, CA)
February 1st, 2022
Viejas Arena in San Diego, CA

System of a down cult proves strong in san diego.

Photos by Fatima Kelley.  Words by Matthew Kelley. 

Ever since I heard the song, “B.Y.O.B” on the radio way back in the mid 2000’s I have wanted to see System Of A Down play live. A friend lent me their studio albums and I was immediately drawn to their unique style of heavy thumping rock. I read that their genre is “progressive metal” but I don’t care too much for the over categorization of bands.
Over time, I blew the chance to see System Of A Down on numerous occasions and when the opportunity to cover the show at Viejas Arena in San Diego came up I was all in. My anticipation was met as I was walking towards the venue in a stream of concert-goers. One excited fan hurried along turning as he passed me and with an ecstatic grin exclaimed “I’m in a System Of A Down cult!” and continued on. The band certainly has a following.
When the band took the stage in the packed arena, the crowd’s energy surged and a load roar erupted. They opened with “X” as the crowd thumped and the obligatory mosh pit immediately formed on the floor. The band effortlessly pounded through some of the best songs from their catalog. Songs like: “Chop Suey!,” “Prison Song,” and Aerials, were definite crowd pleasers and some newer songs like, Genocidal Humanoids,” and Lonely Day,” added a perfect sprinkle of freshness to the set. The chaotic swirl of the massive mosh pit seemed to peak during “Toxicity,” one of my favorite songs off of Toxicity (my daughter recently gifted me the vinyl!).
Although I did expect to hear a well played set chock full of classics from this highly successful world renown band, I did not anticipate how good they would actually perform. The show was in one word, awesome. System Of A Down certainly know how to delight their crowd and put on a stellar show.
I don’t know that I’m ready to join the System Of A Down cult but they definitely have me as a fan.

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