Photos + Review: Spaceface & Reptaliens @ Whistle Stop Bar (San Diego, CA)

Reptaliens (Portland, Oregon) and Spaceface (Memphis, TN)
February 17th, 2022
Whistle Stop Bar in San Diego, CA

Capes, lightsabers, alien masks, trippy lights…and straight out of this world great music.

Spaceface and Reptaliens gifted San Diego an unforgettable night when they played the Whistle Stop Bar on February 17th.

The self described “Retro Futuristic Dream Rock” group was certainly more than successful in delivering not just a show but a full experience that allowed fans to fully get sucked into the parallel universe of their music.

The evening seemed to start a little slow as sound checks dragged on a bit, and things got a little shaky for me when alien masks, lightsabers, and a caped underwear wearing man appeared on stage alongside Reptaliens.

Try focusing a camera when neon red lightsabers are waved in front of your face.  Try to savor the band as a caped man dances around you in his underwear.  To be honest, and let me say this right away, I am not generally a fan of gimmicks at shows.  I don’t like to be distracted while trying to fully experience the music.  I must however note that in this case the crowd absolutely loved every quirky light swoosh and funky dance move.  I can reluctantly even go as far as saying that in this case -in this case alone, the crazy antics might have added to the show as a whole.

Lightsabers aside, Reptaliens played beautifully and engaged the crowd right from the start.  The singer’s ethereal voice is accompanied by her hypnotizing bass lines, raw guitar riffs, and haunting drum beats that kept everyone’s feet moving.

The night just seemed to get better as Spaceface took stage. Backed by a mesmerizing backdrop of neon lights, they delivered a delicately layered psychedelic musical journey that left the audience enthralled from beginning to end.

They opened their set strong with 70’s vibe infused “Rain Passing Through” and “Ludus Love,” off of their latest release, Anemia which came out late January of this year.

“Panoramic View” followed, my absolute favorite track from their latest release, it is just one of those songs you can loose yourself completely to.  I was equally stoked they played “Cowboy Lighting” because no one could resist dancing to it.  “Piña Collider” followed…and I am still randomly singing this song in my head now, a whole week later -talk about contagious beats and catchy phrases. Other highlights were “Long Time” which delivered a more defined tempo that broke the pace of the show a bit.

“Radiator” off the album Sun Kids and “Earth in Awe” closed their set as it closes their latest album.

While I do see the psychedelic influence and the 70’s throwback elements in their songs and even the little hints of New wave disco (can that even be a thing?) I find it very hard to define Spaceface’s music because it is so multi faceted and so unique in and of itself. I can easily say however that they are pure auditory bliss when seen live and are capable of transporting you into a new dimention.

If you get a chance to see them perform in your city don’t miss out.

Spaceface Set List

Rain Passing Through
Ludus Love
Panoramic View
Happens All the Time
Cowboy Lightning
Piña Collider
Long Time
Waiting for You
Classic Style
Millions & Memes
Earth in Awe

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