Photos + Review: Aurora @ The Observatory North Park (San Diego, CA)

Aurora (Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway)
May 20th, 2022
The Observatory North Park (San Diego, CA)

Aurora bewitched and enthralled fans at The Observatory in North Park delivering an evening of pure ethereal magic that kept everyone under her spell.

The evening for me started in this gigantic line that literally took me down the block of The Observatory. I haven’t seen a line like this since the era of The Growlers and Beach Goth. It was both crazy and exciting, especially after the two never ending years of socially distanced craziness. It was nice to hear the excitement of fans and their stories as many of them had seen the previous shows -one couple was even planning on attending the entire tour. Needless to say I caught about 4 minutes of the opening set T_T but I did go into the venue at this point with very high expectations.

After little wait in-between stage changes, Aurora took stage accompanied by the loud chants of her adoring fans. Her setup consisted of a giant globe randomly accented by wave like patterns made by lights in the foreground. This created the perfect setting for her dream like performance.

She entered the stage barefoot in a flowy victorian white dress with the glowy warm red orb behind her. Her energy was immediately felt and her fans were instantaneously mesmerized by her presence and voice alike.

Her vocals were accompanied by delicate movements that seemed capable of transfixing the crowd into a trance deepened by the tribal like percussions that created this heartwarming crescendo that grew alongside the energy of her fans.

She delivered a stunning set that moved everyone. The only interruptions were brief spontaneous moments of interaction with her fans where she thanked them, humbled by their exclamations of love toward her.

If you haven’t caught her live I suggest you do. Aurora is truly as magical as she appears and her approachable persona adds something spectacular to an already beautiful show.

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