Minneapolis’ hip-hop artist Prof known for his sarcastic interviews, outrageously witty raps, don’t give a fuck attitude, and his generously energetic party-like live shows took a moment from signing autographs to talk with us at this year’s Soundset Festival. His partner (in crime), DJ Fundo, of Get Cryphy also sat down to chat. Let me tell you, we get personal. If you’ve never seen a live show with Prof and DJ Fundo go. Just go. GO NOW! Trust me, when DJ Fundo and Prof come to town, it’s the only party you want to be a part of. These two riff off each other like childhood boys lighting smoke bombs and running away. You can also visit Prof’s bandcamp to grab your FREE download of King Gampo.

If you were to make your own Soundset lineup who would it be?

Prof: Prof, Prof, Prof, Prof. And for openers, Prof.

DJ Fundo: And Get Cryphy would be in there too. We’d probably have Elton John in there too. And Steven Spielberg.

Prof: No, Steven Spielberg speech for an hour and a half, then I’ll go on.

Would you consider Steven Spielberg bringing any dinosaurs? 

Prof: No, no, no. Steven Spielberg won’t bring shit, but some Birkenstock sandals. He’ll be naked. He’ll be doing his thing, I’ll be watching the whole time. Massaging him. He’ll be doing his thing. Then me and Fundo will go on. For three hours.

What does King Gampo mean to you?

Prof: Um…King Gampo..oh, I don’t give a shit. (laughs) A Gampo is uhh, it’s kinda like…

DJ Fundo: Look it up in the Urban Dictionary.

Prof: Yeah, look it up in the Urban Dictionary. They kinda have it wrong, but Gampo is someone who really doesn’t give a shit, they don’t care what people think of them. They do things for them.

DJ Fundo: Also, while having a great ass time.

What do you bring to the Minneapolis hip-hop scene that others don’t?

Prof: Big dicks. (laughs)

DJ Fundo: 10 inch cocks and thats about it. I mean, music- wise our music ain’t shit. But we got the biggest swinging dicks in Minneapolis.

Prof: And we have fun swinging them.

DJ Fundo: At each other.

Do you ever cross streams?

DJ Fundo: We piss in the same bottle together. That’s kinda crossing streams.

Prof: Not at the same time.

How did Stophouse Music Group come to be?

DJ Fundo: He was born. (points to Prof)

Prof: I was born and then BAM it happened. I was born and 28 years ago the realest G’s in the city were like, “Damn we gotta get together and rap.” So the realest motherfuckers got together and it was born.

Do you party as hard off stage as you do on stage?

Prof: What do you think?

No, because you don’t have a Labatt Blue in your hand!

Prof: I finished that Labatt Blue. My Jameson is gone.

On looking fan: I gotcha! 

(The crowd member hands the Jameson to Prof, he passes it to DJ Fundo, who passes it to me and lifts up his shirt and rubs his chest.)

Prof: Look at that sexy motherfucker!


(Prof reaches over and signs the fans chest) 

DJ Fundo: We try to party as much as we possibly can while still trying to be limber.

Prof: I stretch. I stretch a lot. I’m limber. I do vocal warm ups before I go out and party.

What is the best thing about your fans?

DJ Fundo: That they are fucking amazing!

Prof: They are good ass motherfuckers.

DJ Fundo: We have the most amazing fans. They party, they have fun, and that’s all we can ask for. If it wasn’t for them, me and this dude (points to Prof) would be jacking off together and….

Prof: No we wouldn’t! No we wouldn’t! 

If you could bring either a robot or trained dinosaur on tour which would it be?

Both: (in unison) DINOSAUR.

Prof: That’s the stupidest question I’ve ever heard. Dinosaur.

What kind of dinosaur would you bring?

DJ Fundo: I’d bring a Stegosaurus.

Prof: I’d bring a Velociraptor.

DJ Fundo: What!?

Prof: They’re nimble as fuck. They can jump. They are super athletic. 

DJ Fundo: They will eat us.

You can train it!

Prof: (to DJ Fundo) Look, I train this mother fucker velociraptor. It’s jumping all over the place, pouring beer on everyone. It can jump 20 feet in the air. A stegosaurus just sits there with it’s armour like a little BITCH!

DJ Fundo: I like Stegosauruses.

How would you sell yourself to people who have never heard your music or seen you live?

Prof: I would say, “Fuck you! I don’t want to sell myself.”

Not even for money?

Prof: Hell no!


Prof: No.


Prof: Maybe a velociraptor.

DJ Fundo: If we get him for free.

Prof: I hate people who are like, “How are YOU different?” I don’t give a shit. I’m going to keep doing and hustling and doing my thing. I don’t want to be like, “Hey everybody look at me!”. I’m going to do my thing-you can be a part of it, or not. My whole career I’ve been doing my own thing, and it’s coming out alright. That is the first real answer you’ve got.

How do you keep your hustle?

Prof: I have no fucking clue. I just want it real bad.

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