Road trips, jumping off cliffs into the blue waters, and sitting around campfires while passing around a bottle of whiskey until dawn are all images that flooded my mind upon my first listen of Talisco. I wasn’t the only one to conjure these images. Talisco’s music has been featured with brands such as; Vodafone Ireland, AT&T, and Vice US. Run is the debut album of french alternative band, Talisco. The title track, “Run” has held the #5 spot on iTunes France, #10 on iTunes Switzerland, and #20 on iTunes Germany. Currently on tour, you can catch Talisco in their U.S. debut in Los Angeles April 28th and 30th. Whether you’re trying to decide to accept that invitation to Peru, or planning a weekend road trip – Talisco is sure to stir the wanderlust in you. Needless to say, wherever this adventurer finds herself this summer, Talisco will be by my side. Read on, to find out more about the adventurous spirit behind the album, Run in my discussion with Talisco. Maybe we’ll invite you to see Katy Perry in concert with us. That’s right, read on.

Did you have a sense that the album was going to have this adventure inspiring arch, or was that something that naturally reflected from life at the time of writing?

I created the album in my home studio in a hurry, because I wanted to have spontaneous and raw emotions. I didn’t want to market or think the artistic direction. In fact, I didn’t think it was possible to release an album one day.

What is it like to have brands like Vodafone Ireland, AT&T, Vice US and others ask to use your music?

It’s always a good surprise. I’m really proud that a famous brand or magazine are interested in my music. It’s an honor for me.

Do you have concerns allowing brands to use your music?

I don’t have any concerns. It depends on the brands and the message. I always need to check that before.

Your video short, Run (NSFW) features three songs; ‘Sorrow’, ‘Follow Me’, and ‘My Home’. The video begins with a modern day Bonnie and Clyde feel, and forbidden love. Can you tell me how the idea for creating a short life this came about, as well as how you chose the music and theme?

The first idea was to present the album with a original short film. I think videos are really important nowadays, you must illustrate your music. Through the light, through the faces the movie talks about all of the themes of the album; freedom, escape, and fantasy. I worked with two American filmmakers that I met in Paris. ‘Sorrow’, ‘Follow Me’, and ‘My Home’ represent the mood of Run.

What do you want the viewer to take away from “Run”?

That the music must make me feel free and must give me fantasies and dreams. That is what I expect from “Run”.

Do you have plans to produce other shorts like this in the future?

Yes, I have other plans. A lot of plants in fact! I always have ideas when I travel. Maybe for next songs, but for sure it will be for the next album.

“Your Wish” is getting heavy rotation on my playlist. The song has a vibrant playfulness that really inspires a sense of adventure. Is that something you were hoping to achieve when writing this track?

Of course not! I don’t want to think about that. There’s no strategy in my music. I’m an artisan, not a businessman. It was really spontaneous and I was in a pop mood.

I noticed there are two versions of the video for “Your Wish”. Is there a specific reasoning to that?

It’s like a big story. The two versions are really important and are complementary. In NY I lose myself in the city, and in the other version I run after the freedom, after myself.

What track on Run inspires adventure most in you?

Maybe “Reborn”, I really like this song, there’s a power and positive energy in it. It’s about children who discover a magical and virginal place. A place where you can become what you really are. That’s “Reborn”.

What are some things you’re most looking forward to while visiting Los Angeles?

There are a lot of crazy things to do and visit in L.A., but first, I think Mulholland road by night should be perfect for me.

Your cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar” is as enchanting as your other songs. What was the interest in covering it and shifting the tempo?

Sometimes I listen to pop music and like it. “Roar” is a good pop song. I wanted to create another version, more heavy, more mystic. It was challenging and for fun.

Have you ever been to a Katy Perry concert? We should probably go to one together.

I’ve never seen Katy Perry in concert, it would be cool for sure. Tell me when you can!

What are three things you hope a new listener takes away from a first listen to Talisco?

The three things are: escape, adventure, and fantasies. When I composed this album, I was in this mood. And I hope it’s the energy of the album.

What are three tour essentials to ensure you don’t get bored and go mad?

During the tour we play and talk a lot about music. But in fact we are friends, we feel really good together, and have fun easily! So we don’t need to something to ensure a good time.

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