Minneapolis’ P.O.S. traversed the St. Croix over to Saint-Ouen just north of Paris’ péripherique highway in support of his stellar Never Better, released earlier this year via Rhymesayers. The club is tucked away but still saw a strong showing including a couple more Minnesotans. The French were stolen away by his rhymes, expressing surprise and admiration over this “new style” of hip-hop that they didn’t know existed until recently. Plain Ole Bill supported P.O.S. during the European stint of the tour, which led them off to Helsinki the following day.

“Do you want some pain?” ‘I would love some…This is the best tasting pain I’ve ever had!’ – Frenchman offering Stef some bread, or pain en français.

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Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

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