Limelight returns with force, giving musicians a chance to talk about what they know best, be it other musicians they love or places close to home. Detroit’s Johnny Ill Band is at the bleeding heart of the Motor City punk scene, not only breathing life into that but the city’s own revival.

Since you always find the best things through people’s recommendations, here’s Johnny III Band’s Detroit Top 5 the next time y’all stop by Motown. Their new album, Ask All The Doctors, is out today! You can get it here.

Lager House
1254 Michigan Avenue,  Detroit, MI

This place is great because we have all been there a million times, they book a lot of good bands, they have excellent deep fried pickles, and sometimes there are dogs.

People’s Records
4100 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI

A fire and two locations later this place is still going strong. People’s is a record store known for their soul 45s but they have tons of other cool shit. Everything is used so you can check it out before you buy. The owner, Brad Hales, also plays in the weirdo punk scuzz band Human Eye. If he’s not in Germany spinning 45s or on tour then he’s probably at People’s with his dog, Erma.

Movement formerly DEMF
Hart Plaza, Detroit, MI

This is awesome in the sense that you get to see everyone in their underwear wearing furry boots. It’s’ also the only time you’ll see any foreigners in Detroit, other than Germans. It’s on Memorial Day weekend and there’s always a shit-ton of weird parties every night that go until noon.

Street Corner Music
26020 Greenfield Road , Oak Park, MI

One of our favorite record stores in the area that has tons of reasonably priced, awesome used jazz, R&B and other crap. New reissues and a good local section. The staff knows everything ever about records and they rule.

3000 East Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI

This is a building in Detroit that functions as a recording studio, distribution center and label headquarters for Detroit Techno, Electro, etc artists. It’s also a record store and museum. Most of the work is done in house in a very punk rock sort of way, and labels like Underground Resistance, Electrofunk, Metroplex and Red Planet make some of the most aggressive uncompromising electronic music you’ll ever hear. They also never left the city and continue to work within it, which is kind of amazing.

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Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

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