Savannah Smith


Originally from Eau Claire and now based in the lovely city of lakes that is Minneapolis, a mere ninety minutes away, Savannah Smith is the closest thing you’ll get to a southern belle in the northern Midwest. Often with her ukelele, she’s the kind of lady you would be proud to introduce to your family-with a versatile voice as on her song “Ventriloquism” or the charmer of a track “Love is like a Bottle of Gin.”  Savannah is currently raising funds for her first ever album, at 50% as of May 4th. Part of the financing also goes to Rock the Cause, a Twin Cities-based wonderfully supportive community organization with a goal to help other organizations reach a new generation of stewardship and participation. Support her today!

Savannah spreads the love, sharing her favorite local artists in the Twin Cities/Eau Claire area for all of you to discover and support!

Adelyn Rose – “Press”

I’ve always admired Addie as both a songwriter and a musician. This song had me instantly, there’s such an air of innocence while the lyrics are blunt and heartbreaking. 

Dark Dark Dark – “Patsy Cline”

I haven’t been able to stop listening to Who Needs Who since it came out.  This song, also heartbreaking, sings to every failed summer love. 

Reina Del Cid – “The Cooling”

Reina has become a good friend over the last year or so. Two things I love in a song 3/4 time and death…this has both!

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