On the Horizon: Lawrence Arms + Methadones = Noise By Numbers

Ah the coincidence! Sitting in my flat today after French courses, I was reminiscing over old Lawrence Arms (Ghost Stories). Coming back from Place Verte in the 11e arrondissement, I discovered that their drummer/Swiss army knife, Neil Hennessy, joined up with members of Screeching WeaselThe Methadones, and Four Star Alarm to create Noise By Numbers. Jeff Dean of Four Star Alarm lends guitar work while Dan Schafer (Chi-town punk legends, Screeching Weasel and Methadones) lends vocals and guitar.

Three demos are up, one being Paris in September; hence even more coincidental. The music holds the Chicago sound, but leans more towards The Replacements of any influence they list.

Neil’s other, current bands include Smoking Popes and The Falcon. He’s done it all, and records too. He co-wrote the hit, Swing Life Away, by Rise Against.

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