Rock Island does not have anything going for it in Illinois. It is the final gasp of breath before you plunge across the border on I-80 and into that corn stalk heaven of Iowa. So it comes as a surprise to find Lissie, breaking waters in the UK, happened to sprout out from those farmlands and end up on the other side of the pond. A Midwesterner never goes to Europe, we stick to our roots and only pull ourselves up to head to the “Big City” of either Chicago or New York. Lissie’s someone unique.

It takes recklessness and an unconventional mindset to break loose from these lands. Lissie started with the basics in dyeing hair before elevating to being evicted from high school. Me, eh, I left in apathy and spent nights in the city as often as possible to escape the mundane SUV culture of suburbia and all it brings. Lissie attended Colorado State University before, low and behold, she was bitten by Europe through a semester abroad in Paris. The city that bubbles creativity at a constant hot boil churns within its residents, temporary and permanent, until it brought Lissie back Stateside and into L.A.

Through low income struggles as creatives undertake, she split time in London and Tennessee. Of late, her “hometown” has been the former where her album Catching a Tiger has been released. Expect a US release of the anticipated album August 17th via Fat Possum. ’til then, here’s to biding the tide.

Founder, Editor, Writer, Photographer. (Austin, Texas)

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